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2nd Quarter 2022: AZ Budget Bill Excluded Proposed STO Changes; IRS Mileage Rate Increased; STO Activity Report Released
1st Quarter 2022: Retaining Key Staff During the Great Resignation; Corporate Tax Credit Cap Met; Giving Tuesday 2021
4th Quarter 2021: New Version of STO Manual; Tips for Donation Forms, IRS Compliance Tools
Timely Update: AZ 21/22 State Budget Includes Changes to STO Programs
3rd Quarter 2021: ADOR Updates STO Manual, Corporate Contribution Limit Met, ADOR Report on FY 2020 STO Activity
2nd Quarter 2021: Tax Planning Opportunities for Donors with IRAs, Additional 2021 Deductions for Standard Deduction Filers, Nonprofit Facts
1st Quarter 2021: Coronavirus Support Updated, Giving Tuesday Success, Form 990 E-file Requirements
4th Quarter 2020: FY18 STO Summary of Activity Report; Lease Accounting Standard Delayed; Free Webinar on Independent Contractors
3rd Quarter 2020: Good Governance Policies; Corporate Donation Limits; School Changes Due to Pandemic
2nd Quarter 2020: ADOR Releases New STO Manual; Revenue Recognition Delays; Economic Relief for Non-Profits
Tax Update: AZ State Tax Contribution Deadline Remains Unchanged
1st Quarter 2020: Federal Deductions for Business Contributions to STOs Hot Topic; Repeal of "Parking Tax"; #GivingTuesday Update
4th Quarter 2019: New STO Manual Released; "Parking Tax"; #GivingTuesday
3rd Quarter 2019: Federal Deduction Restores for Some State Tax Credit Contributions; Donor Acknowledgment Letters; Using Annual Reports to Increase Fundraising
2nd Quarter 2019: Not-for-Profit Accounting Standards Changes; AZ Information Return Filing Changes; ADOR Releases 2017 Summary
1st Quarter 2019: BREAKING: IRS Limits Some 2018 Corporate Deductions; Changes to Giving Season, STO Manual Updates
4th Quarter 2018: IRS Proposed Regulations Could Affect Deductibility of STO Contributions
3rd Quarter 2018: Making Scholarship Plans to Maximize Eligibility, Tax Reform Affecting Non-Profits, etc.
2nd Quarter 2018: Less than 4% of Charitable Organizations Hold 83% of the Wealth, Update on IRS
1st Quarter 2018: New Years Resolutions for Nonprofit Professionals, Senate President Updates, etc.
4th Quarter 2017: ADOR Releases 2016 STO Summary, #GivingTuesday, Increasing Community Engagement
3rd Quarter 2017: 2018 STO Contribution Amounts, AZ Form 99 Updates, etc.
2nd Quarter 2017: ADOR Overhauls STO Manual, Avoid Errors on 990-EZ, etc.
1st Quarter 2017: 5 Things You May Not Know About IRS Form 990, etc.
4th Quarter 2016: ADOR Releases 2015 Activity Summary, etc.
3rd Quarter 2016: ADOR Releases Updated STO Manual, etc.
2nd Quarter 2016: AZ Charitable and Foster Care Tax Credit Limits Increased, etc.
1st Quarter 2016: Principles for Good Governance, etc.
4th Quarter 2015: IRS Weighs In, etc
3rd Quarter 2015: STO Clarifies New Laws, etc.
2nd Quarter 2015: Risk Management, etc.
1st Quarter 2015: Form 990 Late Filing Abatement, etc.
4th Quarter 2014: HB 2328 Updates Lexie's Law Eligibility, etc.
3rd Quarter 2014: 2015 Tax Credit Amounts Released, etc.
2nd Quarter 2014: Direct Mail Fundraising FAQs, etc.
1st Quarter 2014: Revised Certification Required, etc.
4th Quarter 2013: Change to Charity Registrations, etc.
3rd Quarter 2013: Changes to 2012 Form 990, etc.