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U.S. Real Property Sold by Foreign Persons:  Total Sales Revenue and Tax Withheld, by Selected State, 2012

(Amounts are in the thousands of dollars)

State location of real property Total sales revenue U.S. tax withheld
Total 6,268,442 531,026
Florida 1,505,160 138,683
New York 934,969 84,676
California 669,086 57,805
Hawaii 254,855 25,103
Texas 168,981 16,760
All others 2,735,391 207,999

NOTE:  Form 8288-A:  Statement of Withholding on Dispositions by Foreign Persons of U.S. Real Property Interests, is filed by the buyer of U.S. real property sold by foreign persons.  The buyer must withhold tax in accordance with Internal Revenue Code section 1445. 

Source:  IRS, Statistics of Income Division, Individuals, Foreign Recipients of U.S. Income, January 2016.

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