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How to Prevent Tax-Related Identity Theft

If you have a bank account, health insurance, credit card or even an email address with certain free services, there is a chance that your personal information could be exposed to hackers - especially during tax filing season.  There are many ways to combat identity theft, but here's the number one way to prevent it this tax season: 

File ASAP.  Not only does filing early mean you'll get your refund sooner if you're owed one, it's also the best way to combat hackers who may use your information to file a fraudulent tax return.  If a hacker uses your information to file a fake return, and you've already filed, you will have foiled their plan. 

But what if I owe money?  Even if you owe, you can still file your tax return early, but wait until the deadline (April 18 this year) to make your payment.  Want more tips on how to prevent identity theft year round?  Check them out here.

Source: American Institute of CPAs

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