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New Scam Asks for Money to File ACC Form That Isn't Required

Another scam making the rounds in Arizona comes from a company called Compliance Filings Services. The solicitation asks for $150 to file a corporationís annual minutes with the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC).  However, the ACC does not require corporations to file copies of their corporate minutes. The solicitation implies that this is a legal requirement, but the ACC has confirmed that it is not associated with this company and that the form is not an ACC requirement.
Arizona statutes do require corporations to keep minutes of meetings held, but there is no requirement to file these minutes with the ACC.  The ACC does require corporations to file Annual Reports to report officers and directors, but this can be done online and the filing fee is paid directly to the ACC.
Please take note of this new scam and give us a call if you have any questions about the legitimacy of any notice you receive.
Source: Phoenix Business Journal

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